Choosing The Right Wheel Gun

With so many options, choosing the correct configuration and model can be a daunting task. Below is a quick guide and a few points to consider.

Drive Type

Choose the correct drive type for your socket.  Using adapters can result in performance loss.

Square drives are the traditional option that
engage with most standard sockets.

Spline drives offer better torque transmission
and increased durability due to elimination
of gaps and vibrations. Improves safety with
mounting hardware.


The higher the RPM, the higher the performance. For series with competitive pit stops, the fastest gun can improve your pit stop times. 

Over 12,000 RPM is recommend for competitive pit stops. Less than 10,000 RPM is recommended for garage and shop use.

Keep in mind, with more performance comes more maintenance.

Handle Angle

The 90° handle can provide a more balanced feel to the operator and offers an increase in the handle flow rate.

Many experienced users will be comfortable and familiar with a classic 72° handle.

Clutch Cover

The aluminum clutch cover is more durable and recommend for pit guns that are set on the ground.

The carbon cover offers a lightweight, aesthetically pleasing upgrade.

Max Pressure

Higher pressure typically results in higher performance. The referenced pressure is dynamic pressure which is what you read on the regulator outlet gauge or with a gauge at the gun inlet when the wheel gun is working.

Static pressure is what you read on the regulator outlet gauge under no load.

Hose Size

This is the most important aspect in achieving max performance of your wheel gun.

Using the shortest possible length of the recommended hose will provide the best performance.

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