Fuel Timing Managment

Looking to optimize your racing performance? United Race Parts has your solution with our Fuel Timing Management system. Our advanced technology provides precise measurement of dispensed fuel during pit stops, ensuring accurate data for teams and governing bodies. With real-time visuals, transaction recording, and complete telemetry, you can access fuel flow and cumulative flow instantly. 

Advanced Pitlane Management System

The RigFlow is specifically designed for accurately measuring dispensed fuel during a pit stop. The technology allows both teams and governing bodies to independently assess exactly how much fuel has been dispensed from the 200L FIA® pit tank.

The hardware connects to the secondary port on the RigFlow and can be used in conjunction with the IMSA connection. With EASI web-based software, you receive real-time visuals on fuel flow, full transaction recording, along with complete telemetry. 

Showing instantaneous fuel flow and cumulative flow over time is easy. The hardware provides a network connection, allowing these visuals to be presented on any device through its browser (Phones, Tablets,
PCs or Macs).

Device Highlights:

      • Live real-time data visuals
      • Transaction recording with telemetry
      • Wireless network integration
      • API support for custom integration
      • Cloud synchronization and storage
      • Part of a modular product suite

Various accessories and sensors are available for the APMS Server to allow the expansion in to a full pitlane management system. These
include external displays, weight scales, fuel pick-up sensors, deadman valve positioning sensors and fuel-on sensors. The APMS provides engineers with additional functionality to talk to the pit crew for fuel
request amounts, pick-up to put-down telemetry, as well as information on the fuel in the fuel-rig tank.

APMS Basic

The basic APMS system provides you with the main server box, providing basic connections to your network and the RigFlow device.

Access real-time data via a web browser.

APMS Standard

Standard tier includes a touch display, a pick-up sensor, and a nozzle-to-car proximity sensor. This setup extends the functionality to allow fuel requests to be sent to the touch display from the EASI interface.

Transactions are also recorded for complete history and telemetry access.

APMS Standard with Loadcells

Loadcells and temperature sensors allow for real-time information pertaining to the condition of your autonomous fuel tank.

See the weight and volume of fuel available from a fuel density lookup table.

APMS Complete

Complete your fuel-rig setup with a display for the deadman. This is
in addition to the fuel timer display.

Independent timings are sent to this display and allow for fuel
control where virtual time is required.

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