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Looking to dominate the racetrack? Look no further than United Race Parts, Your Pit Equipment Headquarters. We offer a wide range of high-quality pit lane rentals and accessories to enhance your performance. Contact us today to gear up for success and leave your competitors in the dust.

Fuel Tank Assembly

  • Aluminum autonomous fuel tank
  • Includes vent and outlet fittings
  • Details provided for ACO Passport
  • Connected to ACO in ground fuel tank/pump

Fuel Timing System 2.0

  • New aluminum enclosures, user interface and EASI software
  • Includes fuel probe screen/switch, fuel rig load cells/control box and fuel bowser with Wi-Fi
  • Real-time fuel delivery information to engineers
  • Monitors fuel tank, probe & hose weight, internal and ambient temperatures

Fuel Tank Surround

  • Aluminum, three-piece tank surround to hide track-supplied
    fuel cage
  • Custom-fit to each cage
  • Works with Greaves boom and gantry systems
  • Supplied in white; vinyl can be applied to team instructions


Tank Boom Mount

  • Levels Greaves fuel tank to Le Mans fuel cage
  • Works with Greaves timing load cells
  • Integrated boom mount for Greaves 360° booms

Double 360° Boom

  • Two independently adjustable booms
  • Lower boom (360° rotation); upper boom (320° rotation)
  • Integrated sign mount
  • Additional Le Mans extensions and stay cables available

Bottle Stands

  • Holds up to four cylinders and regulators
  • Integrated gun and lance docking station
  • Soft shell cover and water-resistant finish

Pit Perch

  • Three seats with adjustable height and rotation
  • Eight 25” monitors
  • Integrated intercom panel, power, network and RJ45 connections
  • Weather vane mounts available

Dive Bottle Trolleys

  • Choose single or double bottle trolley
  • Kits include air bottles, regulators and all fittings/connections
  • 15-liter capacity
  • Compressors available for rent or filling at Greaves station

Pit Lane Gantry

  • Official supplier to the 24 Hours of Le Mans
  • Supply to more than 50% of the pit lane
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Allows lights and accessories to be hung safely
  • Mounted before team arrival, dismantled overnight after race

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