Fuel Timing System 2.0

Looking to boost your racing performance? United Race Parts has the perfect solution: our Fuel Timing Management System. 

Fuel Timing System 2.0

  • New aluminum enclosures
  • Larger screen with higher resolution; improved touch screen and toughened glass
  • Updated user interface and EASI software
  • New method for screen-to-server connection with RS232 protection
  • Control multiple devices from one laptop (PC or Mac) or mobile device
  • Optional second screen for deadman timing
  • Live transaction information can be seen on any device with a browser via IP address
  • API connectivity, which can be used to send/receive information from other software
  • Cloud backups
  • Can be fitted to ANY fuel rig, not just a Greaves rig
  • Load cell junction box, meaning the server can be fitted inside the rig, keeping the underside of the tank cleaner
  • CAN input for flow sensor or other

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