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Elevate your performance with our wide range of unique, high-quality garage rentals. From seamless walling to vinyl mat flooring, internal gantry systems to tire scrappers and trolleys, we have everything you need to optimize your race day prep. Contact us today to take your racing game to the next level.

Seamless Walling

  • Fast Track Q walling
  • Wrapped with a vinyl design of your choice
  • Options included:
    • Integrated TVs
    • Doors at fuel pump and gantry pillars
    • Helmet boxes
    • Toolbox alcoves
    • Engineering area privacy walls

Vinyl Mat Flooring

  • Two-piece matting system allows teams to prepare in a proper,
    smooth and flat environment
  • Slight cushioning creates a comfortable environment for mechanics to kneel and reduces fatigue

Internal Gantry

  • Aluminum gantry available in flat duo or triangle trio
  • Trio can be used to mount powerhoods, fans, car charges
    and cabling
  • Duo can be used to mount LED cubes, TVs and cabling
  • Gantry system integrates seamlessly with walling designs
  • Lighting Options:
    • PowerHoods for prototypes
    • LED cubes for GT cars


Tire Scraper and Tire Scraper Station

About the Tire Scraper:

  • Ergonomically designed, molded handle
  • 2000W output; 100° to 600° temperature range
  • Scrape and pick debris with ease leaving a smooth, undamaged surface

About the Tire Scraper Station

  • Improves speed and efficiency of tire cleaning
  • Includes the tire scraper holder and pedal brake

Tire Bath

  • Aluminum frame; stainless steel bath
  • Designed for multiple tire and rim sizes

Engineering Station

  • Allows for six monitors
  • 19” racking integrates servers, intercoms, radio repeaters, camera systems and UPS
  • Power, USB, HDMI and RJ45 in the drawer and desk worktop

Single-Seat Engineering Station

  • Single folding work station
  • Allows for two 25” monitors
  • Integrated intercom panel, power, network and RJ45 connections

Fuel Bowser

  • 200-liter capacity
  • 10” touch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 30-liter minimum bi-direction pump with automatic full-tank
    pump shut off
  • Works with Greaves fuel timing system

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