Paddock Rentals

We offer a wide range of unique and high-quality paddock rentals to enhance your racing experience. Get in touch with us today through our contact details below to take your pit equipment to the next level.

Truck Fascia

  • Vinyl graphics allow you to change the overall design
    in a matter of hours
  • Seamless with no visibility through panels
  • Optional crown spot lighting available
  • Built to a support gantry; can be taken down entire firelane
  • 2.1m or 4.2m height

Canvas Fascia

  • Reduced cost option
  • Allows more air flow
  • Quicker installation and tear down
  • Full digital color print
  • Team keeps complete canvas after event


  • Crown spot lighting
  • Sliding doorways for security

Paddock Tent

  • Canvas awning built on gantry system
  • Covers paddock space from garage roof to container cabins
  • Maximizes covered work space while reducing tent legs on the ground
  • Includes interior LED lights; two side curtains for privacy

Snap Tile Flooring

  • Available for paddock to cover small areas or entire work area
  • Elevates crew from rain run-off
  • Made from co-polypropylene for durability, comfort and static
  • Trolleys and carts can wheel over with ease
  • Rental available in all colors; purchase available in multiple colors and configurations

Cabins / Containers

Containers available in single and double stacked.

    • Containers approx. 6m x 2.5m exterior dimensions

Options included:

    • Garage service doors
    • Office doors
    • Air conditioning
    • Internal and external stairwells
    • Windows
    • Open/connected interior

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